Letter faxed to Michael Sheerer on May 22, 2015

This letter to Rush Holt concerns a topic I am discussing on the Skeptic Forum about evolution and the second law of thermodynamics. My login name is davidmihjn and my screen name is davidroemer.

I'll be putting your name on the website I'v published about this scandal as soon as I get proof of delivery. Historians should be interested in this because it sheds light on the Holocaust. No one was ever forced to kill anybody in Nazi Germany. However, there were severe penalties for telling about the murders. The penalty for telling about the absurdity of the AJP article is to be ostracized and hated by the science establishment in the United States.

Email sent to Carol Tavris on May 23, 2015

Dear Carol,
I reviewed your book on Amazon.com on September 9, 2015 ("Cognitive Dissonance and the Shroud of Turin"). The review is also at http://ezinearticles.com/?Cognitive-Dissonance-and-the-Shroud-of-Turin&id=8716559.

There is a more direct and personal connection between us because you are on the editorial board of Skeptic Magazine, and I have been communicating with Jim Dominic and Michael Shermer about an egregious case of cognitive dissonance. The aspect of reality that is causing so much stress and anxiety is an absurd article about evolution and thermodynamics published by the American Journal of Physics. On the Skeptic Forum, I have been trying to explain why the article disgraces every physicist in the United States.

I tried to do this on the forum of the American Scientific Affiliation, which is a Christian organization. The Executive Director, Randy Isaac, has a PhD in physics and writes about evolution. Randy promised to "walk me through the second law of thermodynamics" so I could understand why the AJP was not wrong. The exchange between us quickly degenerated, and I asked Robert Kaita to assign a moderator. I consider this proof that I am right and Randy is wrong.

Letter to Editorial Board of Skeptic magazine

On February 7, 2015, I started the topic “Biological Evolution and the Second Law of Thermodynamics” on the Skeptics Society Forum to explain why an article (“Entropy and evolution”) published by the American Journal of Physics in 2008 undermines the integrity of science in the United States. On May 28, 2015, the administrator blocked me from commenting on this topic.

In my opinion, this action replicates the misconduct of my congressman Yvette Clarke (NY, 9th district). I submitted documentation to Clarke’s office explaining why the article was absurd. I was told there would be an investigation, but have not been told what the results of that investigation are or what happened to the documentation. My accusation against Clarke and the Skeptics Society is that you collaborating in covering up the AJP’s mistake. My correspondence with the Skeptics Society and Congressman Clarke are at http://www.pseudoscience123.com.

There is in the United States a culture war about the teaching of evolution. In my opinion, both sides are misguided. One side lacks an understanding of the scientific method, and the other side lacks an understanding of religious faith. The AJP article singles out a person who believes in the Bible for criticism. The absurdity of the AJP article makes the person of faith look like a paragon of reason. The article disgraces every physicist in the United States, and I can understand the desire to keep this scandal from the public. If the AJP takes corrective action, it will become a news item.

The United States is a democracy, and the public has a right to know the truth.